Putra Perkasa Farm

In Carrying Out Breeding (Breeding Farm) Located In Mount Sindur, Research Activities To Develop Other Chicken Genetic Resources. Ability To Perform Breeding Putra Perkasa Farm Supported By Broiler Breeding Experience For Over 20 Years. The Technicians And Skilled Workers Who Accompanied The Supervision Of Experienced Ready To Serve Farmers Who Need Good Quality Seed Chicken. Putra Perkasa Farm Was Established With The Primary Mission: Produce Seed Chicken Through Breeding Programs Based Structured And Purposeful Valid Scientific Method; Providing Quality Seeds For Chicken Breeders; Optimizing Chicken Genetic Resources In Indonesia As Pernghasil Superior Livestock Animal Food Source For The People Of Indonesia; Supporting The Government's Policy To Be "Masters In Our Own Country" In The Chicken Meat Supply For The People And Nation Of Indonesia; Doing Research In The Management Of Local Chicken Genetic Resources Through Cooperation With Various Parties Inside And Outside The Country; Improving The Quality Of Human Resources In The Field Of Animal Husbandry Chicken Through Non-Formal Education And Training; Being A Role Model In The Management Of Professional Chicken. Putra Perkasa Farm Committed To: Preserving The Entire Nation / Clumps Existing Local Chickens In Indonesia As A Potential Genetic Resources Of High Economic Value; Support And Conduct Policy For A Sovereign Government In The Provision Of Foodstuffs Of Animal Origin; Developing Science And Technology In The Field Of Local Chicken Farms In Indonesia As The Basic Capital In The Development Of Local Chickens In A More Professional